Unveil the Darkness: In-Depth Reviews of Handheld, Weapon, Hands-Free & Keychain Flashlights

From time to time we bring our collection of handheld flashlights, weapons lights, hands free lights and keychain lights on our adventures to test, evaluate and compare.

Here are the results of our simple beam comparison test. We review lights made by Surefire, Streamlight, Princeton Tec, Fenix, Coast and others.

A group shot of the various lights we tested for this website

Tired of navigating the pitch black with subpar illumination? Look no further! We are your dedicated guides to the world of handheld, weapon-mounted, hands-free, and keychain flashlights. Our comprehensive reviews cut through the clutter, letting you choose the perfect light for any situation.

Unmasking the Beam:

Our unique testing method goes beyond simple specs. We project each light’s beam onto a high-contrast 4’x4′ target from 10 feet away in near-total darkness. This captures the raw power of every lumen, revealing:

Beam shape: Floody for close-up tasks, focused for distant illumination, or a versatile blend? We show you exactly what you’re getting.
Intensity: Does it pierce the shadows or leave you fumbling? Our camera and night vision compatibility test unveils the true brightness.
Coverage: From edge-to-edge illumination to spotlighted beams, we map the light’s reach, ensuring you choose the right coverage for your needs.
Spillover: Does unwanted light bleed into your periphery? We expose it, so you can maintain focus and stay stealthy.

Compare and Conquer:
With side-by-side visuals and in-depth analysis, our reviews make choosing the perfect flashlight a breeze. Whether you’re a night-vision enthusiast, a tactical operator, an outdoor adventurer, or simply someone who values reliable illumination, we have the review for you.

Dive into the world of light with our comprehensive reviews. Find your perfect match and conquer the darkness!

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